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About The Ingram Group


As a Group, we represent more than 50 years of seasoned experience at the highest levels in the public and private sectors.

With a track record of proven success, we work with a unified team focus on our clients’ needs -- helping them solve problems and maximize opportunities in their markets. We believe we serve our clients best by providing experience-based strategic advice and working with them to build specific, concrete action plans to achieve their goals whether the audience is customers, constituents, or government.

Battle-tested and backed by extensive experience in government, business and the media, we also bring a keen understanding of strategic communications and message development to our work. We have applied these tools successfully in political and issue advocacy campaigns at the local, state and federal level, and in internal and external corporate communications programs.

At The Ingram Group, we are accustomed to taking on the hard cases and winning. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.

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Government Affairs

Collectively, members of The Ingram Group have spent more than 60 years on Capitol Hills – both in Nashville and Washington, DC -- as successful legislative, political and communications strategists. In their individual roles as Deputy Governor, Chief of Staff, Staff Director to the Senate Republican Conference and Practice Director, they’ve helped shape dozens of successful state and federal policy initiatives.

As strategic consultants, the members of The Ingram Group are uniquely positioned to understand just what it takes maximize opportunities and solve problems in the private and public sectors. They approach each initiative like a campaign -- a philosophy that permeates all their activities. They begin by defining the goal, and strategically design a message and game plan to zero in on the objective. In the end, they each have a proven track record of taking on the hard cases and winning.

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Strategic Consulting

Strategy is defined as a "plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal". At The Ingram Group, members approach each objective or mission with a winning strategy and carefully designed campaign plan -- all created by seasoned professionals.

With been-there-done-that wisdom and expertise, they first make a careful and informed evaluation of the client’s assets and liabilities. They then develop a winning message and a finely-tuned action plan, and set strategic benchmarks to mark progress.

At the end of the day, success is just the final act of a well-drawn, perfectly executed plan.

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Our Partnerships

THE FIRST GROUP, located at 601 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, is the Washington, DC office of The Ingram Group. For more information, visit www.thefirstgroupdc.com.

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